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persephone descending into the underworld

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only one violent bar fight away from free rhinoplasty

i am very cute with a naturally vacant gaze so men always underestimate me

one time i acted like i was talking a big game and didn’t have anything to back it up, but i was talking a big game with everything to back it up and i won $30

my boyfriend doesn’t think I know how to play pool and wants to teach me and I might let him so I can make him think I’m a prodigy


jupiter in cancer, that’s when
the pack forms
but space is a vacuum you can’t
hear the pounding and you’re
already far from home

they find each other
in the underbrush and reverberations
of something primal

you’re gone from that, fist-kissed
stars and metal, a singular heartbeat picked up then
discarded over wavelengths
on its way home

there’s blood in the teeth down
the maw
we’re ankle deep in it and the
downpour’s not stopping

come winter they’ll have glutted,
fucked below you, ignorant
to the tides receding as you
firsthand see the moon pull away

if my boyfriend thinks he can outlast me in the silent treatment he’s got another thing coming

I will pay someone in England good money to buy/mail to me the denim boiler suit from primark


Today’s project!

the true 8th wonder of the world

i have a Real Adult Job now and i’m a Real Adult Human





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last night

went to a hell’s angels house and sat in the coffin on his porch//didn’t think about the implications of that til much later 

i literally made plans to try and kill someone tonight at a bar w/ a friend