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dream journal

in the mannequin store, i go back to look for you

my father writes me from seattle. he wants to be home again, but can’t leave my dying brother

i am a comely hobbit and everyone loves me

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just trying to eat a banana in the park and old dude on a bench is super into it

can’t tell if people are staring at me because i’m hot or because i’m hideous


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RGB SuperMoon

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root genome //

nautilus shell tulip 
stamen, you are sacred too
on the cross examination

did stigmata originate in
christ, or was it
the other way around? 
-second draft, galatians

arbitrator and forensic unit
(you alone) 
climbed back in the wake

retrospectively the nature 
of everything is obsolete 
through sanctification, ex
opere operato, so 
breathe easy
clever, though.

I can distinguish between all the apes but I can’t tell any of the actors apart

— Katie reviews Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

How would the apes have known horses can be domesticated? How would they have learned how to teach them commands? They live in San Francisco. Fuck this. Fuck this fucking movie.

— Katie reviews Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I think the most horrible age is the age when you begin to get mistaken as your fathers much younger girlfriend any time you’re out in public together

Vote for Hillary and don’t listen to young men.

— wisdom from the man driving me to the hotel.

people who are younger and more successful than me can go straight to hell

all I want for my birthday is a million dollars and my dog to live forever